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The Tesla Tower cannabis strain is a hybrid variety that is derived from the Snowcap and White Fire OGA strains. Its notable characteristics include a long-lasting and invigorating high, making it suitable for daytime consumption.

The strain is also recognized for inducing a tingling sensation and promoting enhanced focus. With a distinctive aroma of blueberry and wood, complemented by sweet wildflower undertones, Tesla Tower offers a unique sensory experience.

It has been found to effectively alleviate pain, headaches, and migraines, making it potentially beneficial for medicinal use. However, it is strongly recommended to seek professional medical advice before considering cannabis as a treatment option.

Tesla Tower gained prominence in the cannabis community after winning the 2017 Dope Cup, which serves as a testament to its quality and popularity. Nevertheless, current data does not indicate the availability of Tesla Tower in stores.

It should be emphasized that the information provided is not a substitute for expert medical guidance.

Description of Tesla Tower

Tesla Tower is a cannabis strain that combines Snowcap and White Fire OGA. It provides an energetic and long-lasting buzz, known for its tingling sensation and increased focus. The strain has a distinct aroma of blueberry and woodiness, with sweet wildflower undertones.

This strain is highly regarded for its unique characteristics and effects. It delivers an invigorating and uplifting experience, making it ideal for daytime use. The tingling sensation and increased focus contribute to its reputation as a strain that enhances productivity and creativity.

The aroma of blueberry and woodiness, combined with sweet wildflower undertones, adds to the overall appeal of Tesla Tower. With its potent effects and pleasant scent, this strain has gained recognition and popularity among cannabis enthusiasts.

However, it is important to note that the information provided is not intended to replace professional medical advice. It is always recommended to consult a doctor before using cannabis for medical purposes.

Effects and usage

The effects and usage of the strain are highly regarded for their ability to provide a long-lasting energetic buzz, making it a popular choice for daytime use. Tesla Tower is known for its tingling sensation and increased focus, making it ideal for those who need to stay productive and alert throughout the day.

It is also effective in treating pain, headaches, and migraines, providing relief for those who suffer from these conditions. However, it is important to note that before using Tesla Tower or any cannabis strain for medical purposes, it is recommended to consult a doctor. It is crucial to seek professional medical advice as the crowdsourced strain data provided is not intended to replace such guidance.

Overall, Tesla Tower offers a unique combination of energy, focus, and potential medicinal benefits, making it a sought-after strain among cannabis enthusiasts.

Recognition and availability

Recognition and availability of the strain is influenced by its victory in the 2017 Dope Cup and its current lack of store results.

Tesla Tower gained recognition in the cannabis community after winning the prestigious 2017 Dope Cup. This award recognizes outstanding strains and further enhances the strain’s reputation.

However, despite its accolades, Tesla Tower currently lacks available store results. This may be due to its limited production or distribution, making it less accessible to consumers.

The scarcity of Tesla Tower in stores may also contribute to its perceived exclusivity and desirability among cannabis enthusiasts.

As the strain gains popularity and demand increases, it is possible that more stores will carry Tesla Tower in the future, providing enthusiasts with easier access to this highly regarded strain.

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