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Cannalope Haze is a cannabis strain developed by DNA Genetics through the crossbreeding of Cannalope and G13 Haze. With its distinctive features, Cannalope Haze is recognized for its large and elongated buds, complemented by a sweet dank flavor.

The strain’s flowering period spans from 56 to 70 days, making it relatively lengthy.

In terms of medicinal applications, Cannalope Haze is commonly employed to address conditions such as arthritis, glaucoma, and migraines. It is recommended for daytime usage due to its prolonged effects. However, it is crucial to consult a medical professional before utilizing cannabis for therapeutic purposes, as reliance on crowdsourced strain data may lack professional medical guidance.

Regarding its effects, Cannalope Haze induces a euphoric and tranquil state, stimulating the mind and eliciting a cheerful demeanor, making it a popular choice among recreational users.

Nonetheless, there is currently an absence of available store results for Cannalope Haze.


Cannalope Haze is characterized by its long, big buds and a sweet dank taste. This cannabis strain, created by DNA Genetics, is a cross between Cannalope and G13 Haze. The flowering period for Cannalope Haze typically ranges from 56 to 70 days.

In terms of medical uses, Cannalope Haze is often employed in the treatment of arthritis, glaucoma, and migraines. It is recommended for daytime use, as its effects can last for several hours. However, it is important to consult a doctor before using cannabis for medical purposes, as the crowdsourced strain data should not be considered professional medical advice.

Additionally, Cannalope Haze delivers a euphoric and relaxed high, stimulating the mind and provoking a happy smile.

Medical Uses

The medical uses of this particular strain include the treatment of arthritis, glaucoma, and migraines. Cannalope Haze has been reported to provide relief for individuals suffering from these conditions.

Arthritis, a condition characterized by joint inflammation, can cause pain and limited mobility. The strain’s analgesic properties may help alleviate these symptoms.

Glaucoma, a condition that affects the optic nerve and can lead to vision loss, is often treated with medications that help reduce intraocular pressure. Some anecdotal evidence suggests that Cannalope Haze may help lower intraocular pressure, but further research is needed to confirm its efficacy.

Migraines, severe headaches characterized by throbbing pain, can also be relieved by the strain’s analgesic effects.

It is important to note that while Cannalope Haze may provide relief for these medical conditions, consulting a doctor before using cannabis for medical purposes is essential, as individual responses to the strain may vary.

Effects and High

One notable aspect of this particular strain is its ability to induce a euphoric and relaxed state of mind. Cannalope Haze is known for its stimulating effects on the mind, which can provoke a happy and uplifted mood. This strain has the potential to provide a sense of mental clarity and increased focus. Users may experience an enhanced creative thinking process and a heightened sense of motivation.

The euphoric effects of Cannalope Haze can contribute to an overall sense of well-being and happiness. Additionally, this strain is known for its ability to induce relaxation in the body, which can help alleviate stress and tension. Overall, the effects of Cannalope Haze offer a combination of mental stimulation and physical relaxation, making it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

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