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Indoor gardening is not new. Having the right temperature and conditions has always helped plants grow well indoors. Moving your garden inside protects your plants from bad weather and pests. As more people grow plants indoors, there’s a bigger demand for good gardening tools. We’ve made a detailed list of all the essentials of an indoor grow room supplies list. Check it out!

Categories of Grow Room Equipment

Light, Heat, Water, and Ventilation

Every plant, whether grown in a sprawling field or a compact room, has basic needs. And when you’re taking the indoor route, it’s up to you to provide them.


Sunlight is the lifeblood of plants. But indoors, the sun’s rays don’t always reach. Enter LED grow lights. Specifically, those that provide 32W of power per square meter. They mimic the sun’s spectrum, ensuring your plants photosynthesize efficiently.


While some might love the cold, plants generally don’t. A radiant heater can help maintain the optimal temperature, ensuring your plants don’t freeze in winter or overheat in summer.


Hydration is key. But it’s not about drenching your plants. Tools like handheld sprayers offer a gentle mist, while a traditional watering can ensures the roots get a good soak.


Fresh air is essential. Plants respire, and for that, they need a constant supply of fresh air. An oscillating fan, inline fan, and ducting can ensure this, while carbon filters purify the air, keeping it fresh and free from contaminants.

Grow Room Supplies for Light, Heat, Water, and Ventilation

  • LED Grow Lights: These aren’t your typical household bulbs. For instance, an LED grow light that provides 32W of power per square meter ensures your plants get the right amount of light they need to flourish.
  • Reflective Material: Think of Panda film. It helps direct light, ensuring no photon goes to waste.
  • Heat and Monitoring: A radiant heater keeps the room warm, while a thermo-hygrometer measures temperature and humidity, ensuring conditions are just right.
  • Watering Tools: From handheld sprayers for that gentle mist to the traditional watering can, hydration is key.
  • Ventilation: An oscillating fan, inline fan, and ducting ensure fresh air circulates, while carbon filters keep the air clean and odor-free.

Seed Sowing and Cultivation

From tiny seeds come mighty trees. But before they become towering plants, they need a nurturing environment to sprout and grow.

Indoor Grow Equipment List for Seed Sowing and Cultivation

  • Seed Starter Plugs and Grow Cubes: These are the nurturing beds where your seeds start their life. They provide the right environment for seeds to germinate and sprout.
  • Soil: Not all soils are created equal. For indoor farming, nutrient-dense soil containing peat moss or coco shavings is ideal. It provides the seeds with the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.
  • Containers: Space is essential for roots to grow. 5-gallon fabric pots are ideal. They provide enough space for roots to spread and grow.
  • Drainage: Waterlogged soil is a plant’s nightmare. Materials like clay pebbles or perlite ensure excess water drains away, preventing root rot.
  • Safety First: Gardening or latex gloves protect your hands and keep the planting process hygienic.

Plant Maintenance and Growth

With your seeds now sprouting, the journey has just begun. As they grow, they’ll need care and protection.

Grow Room Equipment Checklist for Maintenance and Growth

  • Monitoring Tools: Keeping tabs on the environment is crucial. A temperature thermometer and humidity hygrometer help monitor the climate, while a water PH meter ensures the water’s acidity is just right for your plants.
  • Pest Control: The last thing you want is pests feasting on your plants. Sticky traps catch flying insects, while natural solutions like neem oil and specific treatments like fungicides and insecticides keep a variety of threats at bay.

Tools to Harvest Crops

After weeks (or months) of nurturing, it’s time to reap the rewards.

Grow Room Checklist for Harvesting Your Crops

  • Precision Tools: Harvesting requires precision. Gardening shears or pruners make the primary cuts (the big cuts), mini clip scissors handle the finer details, and a scalpel or safety blade ensures clean, precise cuts.
  • Measurement Tools: Knowing your yield is essential. A digital scale or measuring cups can help you weigh and measure your harvest, ensuring you know exactly how much you’ve reaped.


Setting up an indoor garden might seem like a mammoth task at first. But with the right indoor grow room supplies list in hand, it becomes an exciting journey. From sowing the first seed to enjoying the harvest, every step is a learning experience. So, gather your supplies, roll up your sleeves, and let the indoor farming journey begin!

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